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Associated Press: Anti-ballpark group "Stand for San Jose" sues city

(12/2/2011)  The coalition group "Stand for San Jose," which is opposed to the Oakland Athletics moving to the South Bay and is supported by the Giants, filed a lawsuit Friday against the City of San Jose claiming the failure to perform a proper environmental review of land committed to the A's.  The 28-page suit, filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court and shared with The Associated Press, also claims the city violated citizens' rights by not putting to a public vote the contractual agreement it made with the A's to sell the discounted downtown property where owner Lew Wolff hopes to build a new ballpark. He is still waiting to hear from Commissioner Bud Selig about whether the club can relocate into San Francisco's territory. SJ Residents Blast A's 'Field of Schemes'

(11/19/2011)  It's a sweet deal for Oakland A's owner Lew Wolff. Not so sweet for the San Jose taxpayer, many South Bay residents are saying. On Nov. 8, the San Jose City Council voted to option 5.5 acres of downtown land to Wolff, a wealthy real estate developer looking for a new ballpark location. Wolff can buy the land for $6.9 million -- or less than a third of the $25.1 million the Redevelopment Agency paid for the land, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Only "a very few" city residents backed the plan, meaning that there are now very many livid San Jose residents, calling out their City Council for a sellout. "We can't afford to give that land away. In these difficult times, it just doesn't make sense," said Carol Myers of Willow Glen. San Jose is facing its 11th-consecutive budget deficit.

Mercury News: Many residents cry foul over San Jose's plan to give A's owner Lew Wolff option to buy land at greatly reduced price

(11/17/2011)  The San Jose City Council voted 10-1 on Nov. 8 to option 5.5 acres of downtown land to A's baseball team owner Lew Wolff for three years. The measure, which was amended to include a residents' vote, offers Wolff a three-year option to purchase the land for $6.9 million, less than a third of the $25.1 million the Redevelopment Agency paid for the land. The option itself is $50,000 per year for the first two years and $25,000 for the third year, in hopes that baseball commissioner Bud Selig will grant the A's permission to move to San Jose. Prior to the vote, District 6 residents from the Shasta Hanchett and Willow Glen neighborhoods were burning up the electronic wires with letters to Mayor Chuck Reed and council members, letting them know they were against selling the land to at such a reduction.

Mercury News: San Jose City Council endorses option deal for land sale to Oakland A's

(11/9/2011)  In a public gesture it hopes will reverberate with Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, the San Jose City Council on Tuesday agreed to give the Oakland A's exclusive rights to buy almost 5 acres of downtown land for $6.9 million -- but only if the team agrees to build a ballpark on the site.

Oakland Tribune: C'mon, Selig, let's tour Oakland

(8/15/2011)  Dear Bud Selig:  It's been awhile since we've communicated, as my life isn't sports the way it used to be, though I still keep my eye -- and foot -- on sports-related matters if they are community-related.  And so I'm contacting you now with a generous offer. I'm inviting you as my guest to take a personal tour of Oakland, with me as your chauffeur.  It won't be a limo, just a Toyota Camry. But all I'm asking is that you give me a day, or a half-day, to show you around the Oakland you've yet to see.

Mercury News: San Jose Giants fan club seeks guarantee on proposed A's ballpark

(12/30/09) A group of San Jose Giants fans trying to keep the Oakland A's from relocating to San Jose is demanding that the A's make up the difference if projected economic benefits for a downtown ballpark don't pan out. The request, issued in a one-page letter to San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, came from Stand For San Jose, a coalition unveiled last month that is backed by the San Francisco and San Jose Giants. The group's members oppose public funds or subsidies that would bring the A's to San Jose, whose territorial rights are owned by the San Francisco team.

Mercury News: San Jose Giants fans outline gripes with A's stadium plan

(12/21/2009)  The attorney for a group of San Jose Giants fans fighting a proposed A's ballpark downtown said a revised report being prepared on the park's environmental impacts is seriously flawed. Todd W. Smith, a senior associate at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman in San Francisco, filed a nine-page letter last week with the city that outlines objections by the group, which is partly supported by the San Francisco Giants.  The Giants are fighting the Oakland A's move to San Jose, saying they own Major League Baseball's territorial rights to Santa Clara County.   Beyond the fan group's primary argument that building a ballpark would divert tax money from essential services such as schools, libraries and firefighters — a claim San Jose leaders deny — Smith details a handful of problems he said planners need to address.

Mercury News: Group to fight public funding for A's stadium in San Jose

(12/16/2009)  After months of sharp rhetoric against the proposed Oakland A's move to San Jose, backers of the San Francisco Giants have started swinging. Today, a group of San Jose Giants fans with support from the minor league team and, perhaps, its big league partner will unveil a coalition called Stand For San Jose to oppose public funds or subsidies that would bring the A's to a new downtown ballpark.

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